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Introduction of New Star Consultants Ltd.

Our Profile

New Star Consultants Limited is a New Zealand registered international educational consultancy incorporated in May 2003.  It is an authorized agent of New Zealand and Australian universities, polytechnics and first-class secondary schools.  The Company offers professional advice and assistance to students and other clients to enable our clients to make a better decision on studying at a New Zealand or an Australian institute.  We are a firm that values excellence and provides outstanding service to clients.  We are professional in practice, yet informal and personalized in our approach.  We maintain a policy of providing complete consulting services using our permanent staff, whenever possible, but working agreements are maintained with a number of local and overseas consultants for the provision of specialist supplementary services, where required.  These include sub-agent recruiting activities and joint promotions.  By Year 2005 the Company has agreement with overseas partners in China, Singapore and South Korea.  To safeguard our clients’ interests, the Company becomes one of the few educational consultancies in New Zealand whose professional practices are covered by the PII (professional indemnity insurance).  In February 2006, the Company obtained registration with MARA, which means we are the only international educational consultancy in New Zealand who can legally give our clients (esp. international students) the most professional advice on obtaining a visa (including a student visa) to Australia.


Our Mission
Our mission is to meet and exceed client expectations through professional quality service and extensive personal relationships. We will apply knowledge and experience to add value, provide assurance and deliver services that will enable our clients to integrate smoothly into the New Zealand or Australian educational and living environment.  Our desire is to recruit the most skilled and quality individuals as well as quality students who can contribute towards the development of New Zealand or Australia.


Our Services 

Advise on course available at institutions we represent
Promoting New Zealand and Australia as a study destination
Assist with visa application and approval
Home stay organization, evaluation and monthly home visits
Student advice and counseling
Monthly call to parents on student progress
Further studies advice and planning
Assistance to students in problems
Interpretation and translation service
Assist with cultural and educational exchange for students and teachers
Advise on migration to New Zealand and Australia

周一至周五 9:00~18:00